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Mincading | June 29, 2017

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Monthly Archives: October 2012

AMD APU 3850

31/10/2012 |

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Second build – 25/10/12

25/10/2012 |

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iPad pricing – 24/10/12

24/10/2012 |

Ever since new iPads came out, prices on its predecessors dropped a lot,

The new iPad mini is priced at 329$ for 16GB, where as the iPad 4th gen is $499 for its base model wifi only. This means that … Read More

Gigabyte 560 Ti

24/10/2012 |

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Gigabyte 560TI – 20/10/12

21/10/2012 |

The 560TI is based on the FERMI GPU architecture, the next generation after the 400 series. In July (time of build), the FERMI line up of GPU chips were still mid level; KEPLAR architectures have been released but … Read More

Motherboard Case mount

18/10/2012 |

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Intel i5 3450 ivy bridge CPU Review – 09/10/12

09/10/2012 |

Second important part is the CPU, or central processing unit. In my gaming rig, it is powered by the 3450 quad core CPU. Running at 3.1GHz, it scores roughly 7000 in

It has a turbo boost of 3.5GHz, … Read More

MSI Z77-G43

09/10/2012 |

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Cooler Master Hyper 212 Mount

07/10/2012 |

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06/10/2012 |

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