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Mincading | June 29, 2017

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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Battlefield 3: gaming update – 28/11/12

28/11/2012 |

I was originally playing battlefield on my friend’s friend’s account. I played for a couple months until he changed his password, forcing me to play campaign. Now that campaign is completed, I can only stick to league of legends. The … Read More

Black Friday – 23/11/12

23/11/2012 |

Intense deals everywhere, especially -NCIX -Newegg -MemoryExpress -CanadaComputers

Will be visiting Canada computers to see if I can get a CPU (3450) for 150$. Original price being 200, it’s a great deal.

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Google Nexus devices – 21/11/12

21/11/2012 |

Google nexus 10 is back in stock!

Google nexus 4 is still sold out on the play store, while the 7 is still in stock.

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Tablet – 18/11/12

19/11/2012 |

Debating which tablet to get to replace my iPod. iPod is the 4th gen 8gb, running out of space and life.

Choices are 1. Microsoft surface 2. Nexus 7 3. Nexus 10 4. iPad 4

Reasons to get the Surface: … Read More

Completed build: Office/multimedia computer – 09/29/12

10/11/2012 |

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iPad 3rd generation – 03/11/12

03/11/2012 |

Stocks for the refurbished iPad 3G wifi 16/32/64GB are done. The price was hard to resist, so everyone decided to get one.

As for Apple, many people say that they are in a dive. Apple hasn’t been Apple ever … Read More