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Mincading | June 23, 2017

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32GB USB flash drives – 25/10/12

My mom loves taking pictures and ever since she got a digital camera, she stopped printing the film based pictures. It’s been over 5 years and she managed to accumulate over 30GB of pictures. She told me she was scared to lose them so she got free 8GB Sandisk USB drives to store some folders in each one.

I thought this method was ok for short term use, but in the long run will pose danger towards her pictures. So I took a 160GB HDD to store her pictures, and music libraries (hers and mine). The only issue is that windows detected that drive to fail imminently. I took it out and stored it away.

As another safety precaution I backed up the photos to another Harddrive that also contained many other things such as my brothers movies, tv shows, the system’s program files (it has the corsair nova 2 30GB SSD as the boot drive). This drive is in my secondary system that is rarely used.

Now that I have my primary system, space is very limited on my Harddrive as I record battlefield 3 gameplay. With over 100GB in raw videos, I have around 100 to use.

Knowing that SATA interface may begin to change, I transferred all the pictures to my moms iPod classic. With 150GB of excess storage, it will definitely keep the data safe.

The other day she asked about getting more USB drives. So I looked around in newegg and NCIX and found 32GB drives to be cheap. Newegg offered one for 15.99 with lifetime warranty. Adding two to the cart I saw shipping was 10$ – bringing each USB to about 20$.

These sticks were USB 2.0 and my motherboard wouldn’t be able to be used to its potential.

At NCIX, there is the Kingston D111 – 32 GB, 5 year warranty with USB 3.0 for the price of $19.99. Since there is an NCIX in Markham but no Newegg, I would be able to pick it up – spending that 10$ I could’ve saved from Newegg and gotten USB 3.0 interface.

Now that I used the iPod classic as a USB drive, we won’t be needing a 32GB drive. The classic will be sufficient for another 10+ years of photography unless she decides to get a DSLR camera.

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