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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Personal Rig

Personal Rig

7850 2GB CrossfireX -12/29/12

This is my CrossfireX system featuring two 7850 2GB by MSI.

Initially, I was using a single 560TI to play demanding games such as battlefield 3. VRAM was limiting the amount of AA I could apply and had to resort to high level graphics instead of ultra. Around a week ago, Amazon advertised a GT620 for $70, with the pictures and product description describing and matching those of a AMD based 7850. Taking the risk, I went ahead and bought 2.

In the end, the packages came holding two 7850s. For the money I spent, I decided to keep the two cards and retire my 6 month old 560Ti. I CrossfireX the two cards and got amazing performance.

In Battlefield 3, I get 60fps (as V sync is on). The only drops I get is when it starts to heat up. After an hour or two of continuous rendering, FPS drops are significant ~ roughly 10-20 FPS. It’s a pretty big drop and does affect gaming performance.

Another downside is temperature. Before, when using a single 560Ti, my internal case temperature struggled to get passed 27 degrees celcius. It would require minimal fan RPM, and hours of gaming. Now with dual cards, temperatures reach 30 degrees constantly; fan speeds maxed out making it quite noisy. I play games with headphones so it isn’t a big deal to me.

Other than those two issues, I am really satisfied with the cards considering I got the pair for $160.

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