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Mincading | June 25, 2017

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AMD 7850 and Catalyst 13.1 errors – 05/03/13

AMD 7850 and Catalyst 13.1 errors – 05/03/13

Ever since I took out my second 7850, league of legends played poorly. FPS dipped to about 50 and made gameplay a little jaggy. I tried installing beta drivers (13.1) an failed to do so as the driver installation is just terrible.

I used driver sweeper and continued to get installation errors on the SDK package. Although I didn’t need it, it bothered me. Today I installed the second GPU back into my system. Surprisingly, the drivers were so messed up that my windows couldn’t boot. It continued a boot loop until it finally boots, but no driver was detected. The driver was installed – just not installed correctly. I uninstalled, reinstalled and bam. It worked.

I benched MW3 on single card and got 43-45 frames max. In BF3, I got 50-60 frames. League of legends displayed 50-60 frames. After installing the second card to see if I can get any visual difference, I ran the games again. MW3 ran at 45 FPS constant. BF3 ran at 55-60 as well, rarely dipping below 50. League of legends ran at a smooth 60 with no drops at all.

What makes me wonder is that a single 7850 is capable of pushing BF3 to 50FPS. League of legends being a lighter game should be playing at 60FPS constant. Is it hardware? To my understanding, the 7850 should be more than strong enough for league of legends. One card should play the game just fine. 

As of now, I reinstalled the second GPU and will be keeping it that way for the time being. 

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