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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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AMD APU – 04/10/12

Just found out the AMD Trinity APUs are out. They were launched a couple days ago. I recently bought an A8 3850 for a family friend who needed it for word processing and I was quite impressed in terms of graphics power (not so much in CPU…).

I was able to play League of Legends on max settings at 60 fps with slight fps dips, but it’s quite impressive. I get 20 fps on my ivy bridge HD 2500 iGPU.

Having the new pile driver architecture, I’m sure efficiency was improved. At the same time, I’m skeptical about CPU performance. Maybe it is because I bought a low end chip (compared to intel’s) and was disappointed. I mean, sure graphics is great and all, but responsiveness wasn’t that great (unless that is because of a hard drive, not solid state.). In all honesty, many people choose AMD over Intel because of the ‘great’ clocks and cheap price ratio. People don’t know what they’re talking about.

In terms of BENCHMARKING, intel owns AMD by far even with lower clock speeds. It is because intel has much better architectures, bringing efficiency and more performance per watt, while AMD, just boosts up clocks in attempt to catch up with Intel. Sure AMD is good for entry level systems, but for gaming? Intel is the way to go.

Not intending to demean AMD, but I feel like they should step up their game in terms of architecture and driver support (their hardware is great, but drivers just kills its potential.).

As for the Trinity APUs, I’m looking forward to ultra books with them. I believe in laptops and ultra books, CPUs don’t really affect performance since they are all the same: good for word processing, terrible in graphics. With that said, llanno chips are the only exception since it’s an APU. APUs are basically CPUs with a beefier GPU inside them. Sure the CPU performance in laptops might decent, but in terms of graphics power in laptops, I’d choose AMD. Quite honestly, intel’s intergrated graphics suck. No not honestly, it’s a fact. AMD gets the edge in terms of laptops. I just want to see how games will go on ultra books since ultra books at the moment only have crappy ivy bridge CPUs, under clocked to the speed of a snail. Ultrabooks arent meant for gaming since their iGPU sucks. With that in mind, having an APU will surely help by miles on end.

For pricing, again – AMD never fails to underprice their products in attempt to win customers. I’m surprised they even profit from the dirt cheap prices they tag their products with. The A10 and trinity A8 are still priced at the 120-130$ price point, amazing value for the price: CPU AND discrete class graphics (not really but better than intel’s). Maybe the next time I build another budget system I’ll use AMD’s APU line.

For laptops, AMD.
For gaming desktops (even light gaming), Intel.

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