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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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AMD Crossfire Screen tear – 02/11/14

  • On 02/11/2014

Above is a video that demonstrates the screen tearing present in games when V-sync (vertical sync) is disabled. V-sync helps prevent runt frames and prevents the visible screen tear.

In my current system, I have dual R9 270x’s in crossfire. The main issue is FPS inconsistency. The inconsistency causes performance issues as the FPS drops.

In the event of having V-SYNC on, frames are NOT consistent, however, frames are not torn/mis-drawn. The FPS may lock at 60, but often dips to 55. This causes in a less than smooth gameplay and causes irritation.

On the other hand, with V-SYNC off, frames are not limited to 60FPS. Battlefield 3 runs at around 170FPS at ultra (maximum) settings. As a result, performance is stable. As noted, there are torn frames. The torn frames are VERY visible and annoy me when I play. The screen tearing causes frames to be incomplete while the other frame is already drawn. This happens most often when aiming from side to side, and simple walking past a shipment container.

To fix this issue, I will have to change the V-SYNC maximum FPS. By doing so, the FPS can dip to a buffer zone. For example, if the V-sync FPS is locked to 70, the dipped framerate can lose as much as 10 FPS without noticeable difference in performance. This could theoretically be done via software, and have the monitor limit output frames.

Now that the theoretical solution is thought up… I need to find software that does just that.

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