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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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Asus A55M LX review – 29/11/12

This motherboard was used for the office computer and was the cheapest to get at the time (~September).

The motherboard has a FM1 socket used for AMD’s line of APUs. Pairing it with the first gen A8 3850 APU, you get the perfect machine to watch videos, process word and have it last.

There are many things I like about this board… At the same time many things I dislike. For example, cost is dirt cheap (60$). The bad thing is lack of features/new technologies. But for the price you pay, you get everything your really need.

What’s missing for a 2012 build is the lack of SATA3. It’s not a huge deal since hard drives can never use up the interface’s bandwidth. But it would’ve been better as future upgrades wouldn’t have been so limited. This board is an mATX board, sporting two PCIe slots and a handful of useful slots. Surprisingly, it supports crossfireX. You can configure it two ways: APU crossfire with qualifying GPUs, or Crossfire two dedicated cards.

BIOS is very clunky in my opinion. Although the settings and options are well laid out, I found MSI’s bios a lot more appealing. Over clocking is nearly impossible with the A8 3850. Any CPU I would expect to over clock around +0.2GHz. The cap on this APU was 3.0GHz (stock is 2.9). If I raised the multiplier, the base clock would drop accordingly to fit the 3.0GHz cap.

One thing to mention about the motherboard: it will say “HDD not detected” on first boot. Then it’ll reboot on its own and boot normally. This motherboard is honestly a great one if your uses are office work. Although it is capable of playing games (see AMD A8 3850 APU). It includes all the basics and is definitely worth it to purchase. KEEP IN MIND FM1 and FM2 imply APU usage. Unless your willing to give up 60 and opt for 40-50 frames in league of legends, this motherboard is still recommended.

There isn’t much to penalize in terms of build quality. Everything looks pretty darn nice in the picture above.

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