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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Battlefield 3: gaming update – 28/11/12

I was originally playing battlefield on my friend’s friend’s account. I played for a couple months until he changed his password, forcing me to play campaign. Now that campaign is completed, I can only stick to league of legends. The other day my other friend and I started talking about battlefield so I showed him my mini montage video (I’ll post a link below). He was inspired to play again (he recently upgraded his computer). Seeing how I missed battlefield 3, I was going to buy the game myself and have my own account.

Here’s the link to the video:

I found a guy on kijiji who was selling his BF3 coupon code for 15$, so I figured why not. Then I realized I had no cash. Then yesterday, my friend gave me his friends account – the guy quit for some reason. When I logged in he was level 1!

Perfect. I get to level up from scratch.

My performance was greatly affected by my framerate.

I am updating on the performance today. Two months ago, battlefield 3 ran smoothly. Yesterday, after playing for an hour or so, I experienced 30-40 frames (sluggish). I checked my video settings and I reduced it from ultra to high. I got better frames, and at the same time, the visual level was undistinguishable. Heat shouldn’t have been the problem: I turned all the fans to 100%, except the GPU. Honestly the hottest the internal temperature was only 26 degrees Celsius.

Will be testing more today. It is probably a driver issue, I will update to the latest driver soon.

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