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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Blackberry – 24/04/13

I recently got a blackberry for free from a friend, and have been using it since (13/04/13). I had a bad impression of RIM before hand, and it still remains: RIM devices have lots of potential; the software is simply too clunky.

Having to use the blackberry 9870 for almost 2 weeks, I have successfully migrated from using ios to text to blackberry. A couple things to note.


Keyboard: sure it is nice, but texting with one hand is almost impossible.
Trackpad: a really neat way to navigate a small area, really well designed

The actual hardware seems quite well, with 512 mb ram and a decent CPU, basic functions are masked with the blackberry os. Websurfing is slow – not the best, but decent. Reading is difficult to do on this device. Social media is best consumed for this device.

Will I ever get another RIM device in the future? Probably not, but I am always willing to try new brands. Even if blackberry manages to pick up speed again, I think I would lean towards android. The only thing I’ve used from RIM prior to this handset is the play book, and it was a terrible experience. Again, lots of potential, just limited by software. After using the handset, my impression on RIM has increased a little bit more towards a thumbs up.

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