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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Blackberry 9790 Review – 24/08/2014

Blackberry 9790 Review – 24/08/2014
  • On 18/05/2016

The Blackberrry 9790 has been physically redesigned in many ways and has attracted my attention to purchase one.

From my previous Blackberry review of the Bold 9870, it has been improved in both hardware and software aspects.

Hardware wise, the new Bold has been shaped to be a slim design with beautiful curves and accented chrome. RIM has introduced a faster processor into a lighter entry level phone and has proved to be beneficial to its performance. The body is just so easy to hold, the slight bump at the top is not bothersome at all; rather it is much easier to grip. Such shape resembles the Moto X’s dimple when you’re using it to call.140820-IMG_20140820_160103788

The only complaint I have is the 4 main buttons. Capturing the similarity of its cheaper cousin, the Curve, it consists of 4 separated buttons. Compared to its predecessor, it changed the way I used it. Instead of sliding my thumb and pressing, I now need to pick up my finger and search for the button. Although a small issue, it is a small complaint.

The new JM1 battery is weaker than the 9870 battery. This is due to its lower mAH count. 270 less mAH did result in a shorter battery life, but due to its efficient processor, the battery lasted more than one day’s worth of generous use


The camera is decent for snapshots. it is not meant for professional photography. No phone is meant for it. Well, maybe iPhone will pass.

Software wise there is not much to say. This phone is perfect for a backup texting device. No apps are useful on this device. Nor are there any other real uses for BBOS. This phone is honestly not a smartphone. It has the smartphone look and feel, but the environment is very limited. BBOS has been doomed for a long time, but managed to not suck any further.140821-IMG_20140821_141759649

The Bold 9790 is an elegant, well built phone for its price. I purchased this phone second hand (I believe in second hand devices.) for 60CAD and has already exceeded my expectation for resale value and usability.  Get it if you’re looking for a beater phone, or just looking to experiment. Do not buy it if you’re a heavy internet surfer, or addicted app user. This phone easily disappoints as easily as it pleases.

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