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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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Blackberry Playbook 07/12/12

I borrowed my friends Playbook to test out which tablet to get, and this one is the one I dislike most. When the Playbook was first released, it was at a pricey 600$ mark. These days you can get the 32GB version and a leather case as a bundle for $149.99 at The Source, a crazy 75% off.

Anyways, when using the tablet, I was quickly turned down. Disappointed I set the tablet down and went to bed. All of a sudden the screen re lit. That is one of the issues when using the tablet. When you press the tablet’s sleep/wake button, it sleeps, but if you press the screen once more, it lights up and unlocks. Sometimes when I put it into my bag, it does the same thing and by the end of the school day, it runs out of battery. Drained, I reverted to my iPod.

Another weakness is keyboard responsiveness. There is no caps lock (that I can find), and symbols are difficult to find, where as Android and iOS is generally the same. The tablet is difficult to type with, in both orientations. Portrait the keyboard is too wide for your thumbs. Landscape mode cramps your two hands together, making typing on the device really uncomfortable.

On the other hand, it is only decent for reading text. Pictures are mediocre while text is passable. Loading web pages is on par with an iPod touch, but stability is a lot better when the Playbook has 4x the RAM. Packed with 1GB of ram, holding tabs is not an issue; the only bottle neck is CPU. Similar to the HP touchpad, animations are laggy. Pulling the address bar down brings down FPS, while scrolling the home page is buttery smooth.

The cameras are decent. For a 150$ device, you can’t ask for more. One of the things I like about the tablet is the notification LED. When you receive new email, you get a red flashing led similar to the blackberry phone. Pulsing softly telling you you have a notification. This is a pro similar to the touchpad (LED home button), but compared to iPod, it is definitely something I would want.

As for the OS, I want to root it and install android on it. The blackberry OS is disgusting and I always go back to the touch pad or iPod. The Playbook has potential, but just like WebOS, RIM shoots themselves in their foot by making their own software. Clunky software just destroys this device. No good.

In conclusion, after using 3 different devices, the Android modded touchpad is beginning to gain my favor.

Blackberry is definitely not going to get my vote, iOS and android are definite competitors. Directly opposing each other in both pros and cons, I’m sure I’ll grow to start using android to its fullest potential.

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