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Mincading | June 29, 2017

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iOS or Android?

09/04/2017 |

Android or iOS?

There has been a long debate towards the selection of ‘iPhone or Android’. However, the two are often times mistaken for the same thing. The iPhone is a phone; Android is an OS – TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT … Read More

AMD APU RAM Benchmarks – 09/03/14

28/03/2017 |

Different RAM speeds, different frame rates.

Using the AMD 6800K APU, I benched both slow decent RAM and high speed RAM.

Results are just as expected.

2014-03-09 17:33:47 – League of Legends 1333MHz Frames: 3633 – Time: 63898ms –Read More

Third build – 17/12/12

26/03/2017 |

Just purchased parts from CanadaComputers and Direct Canada for a new computer, parts will be coming in by Friday and will start building during the holidays!

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AMD 7850 Overclocking – 05/06/13

24/03/2017 |

AMD’s catalyst control center restricts over clocking to 1050MHz, however, the 7850 is easily overclockable to above that limit. I wasn’t able to over volt through MSI’s Afterburner tool, but as I researched, they suggested using Asus’s GPU tweak. The … Read More

Gold iPod Touch 4G – 20/02/14

18/03/2017 |

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Budget PC build – 30/11/14

14/03/2017 |






GPU:MSI HD7850 Power Edition

PSU:600W Corsair CX600

CASE:Fractal Design Core 1000


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Baseball (D3000) Test – 26/06/14

12/03/2017 |

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Nexus 5 With Key Lime Pie or Android KitKat?

08/03/2017 |

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Moto X phone – 06/07/13

04/03/2017 |

5 more months until 2014 and this year has been full of surprises. HTC One, Samsung galaxy S4, white nexus 4 and much more.

But it has been nearly 9 months since the nexus 4 from Google was announced. Being … Read More

AMD 7850 Amazon order – 20/12/12

28/02/2017 |

Tuesday, there was a 7850 GPU advertised with a GT620 by amazon, so I decide to take the chance to order one. They shipped it in one day. It took them ONE day to ship.

Ordered Tuesday, received Wednesday. In … Read More