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Mincading | June 23, 2017

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TP-LINK N600 WDR3500 Review – 05/06/13

27/12/2016 |

My 6 year old Linksys WRT54G V5 started becoming weak: signal chopping up, video stuttering, and just insecure wireless settings, so I decided to update it to the TP LINK N600 series router.

Of The bat, its sleek. Thin and … Read More


28/08/2016 |

Originally posted 2013-05-27 02:31:12. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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COMP1176 @George Brown College 02/09/14

23/07/2016 |

So I started my first day at George Brown college for computer systems technician (T141) today. Arriving 5 minutes late to class didn’t seem like a big deal, but will be as the week goes on.

CCOMP1176 is an entry … Read More

Increasing Wifi Speeds – 18/12/14

18/12/2014 |

I upgraded to Rogers Hybrid 60 a while ago. The internet package offered 60Mbps download and 10 upload. Using my TP-Link N600 WDR3500 as a main access point in my room, I got about 50Mbps down and 12 up (on … Read More

Linksys EA2700 – 23/11/14

23/11/2014 |

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Project: Portable WiFi Hotspot Router – 08/10/14

08/10/2014 |

I posted recently about a battery powered router and I finally got the parts to start the project.

Starting off, I used a 3.7v battery pulled from an old power screwdriver.

I rewired the battery to be flat instead … Read More

George Brown WiFi – 16/09/14

16/09/2014 |

The George Brown college WiFi is actually pretty bad. At times the wifi is decent. Strong and fast enough to watch Netflix. But that is only 10% of the time. The rest of the time consists of 1k+ ms in … Read More

Complete Security Camera Set with 3 Wireless and 4 Wired Cameras

15/02/2014 |

Complete security camera set with 3 wireless and 4 wired cameras

Complete surveillance camera system with 16 channel DVR, 4 wired and 3 wireless cameras

Complete security camera set with 3 wireless and 4 wired cameras

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FreeNAS Volume security – 02/15/14

15/02/2014 |

I set up my NAS to be available locally to all peers connected to the access point. The access point is via a wifi router connected to a gigabit switch. The gigabit switch was used to obtain gigabit throughput between … Read More

Blackberry WiFi setup in York region (YRDSB) – 15/04/13

15/04/2013 |

For those struggling to connect to WiFi at school. Here’s a tip:

Blackberry WiFi connect

Press “other ways to connect” >Manually connect to network >SSID name is YRDSB-S

>Change security to: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise

>Enterprise subtype should be: PEAP

>Enter your … Read More