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Mincading | June 23, 2017

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15/04/2017 |

What is TRIM? TRIM is simply the command of flagging used sectors (typically on a flash based drive) as “available to overwrite”. TRIM is designed to optimize the write speeds of future write operation. Visually, TRIM in SSDs and other … Read More

iOS or Android?

09/04/2017 |

Android or iOS?

There has been a long debate towards the selection of ‘iPhone or Android’. However, the two are often times mistaken for the same thing. The iPhone is a phone; Android is an OS – TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT … Read More

Nexus 5 With Key Lime Pie or Android KitKat?

08/03/2017 |

Originally posted 2013-10-16 02:27:24. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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How to get Google Dialer on Moto X – 10/09/14

05/12/2016 |

Now first off, this version of Google Dialer is pulled from 4.4.3, but working on 4.4.4 on my Moto x.

My process is based on the one from XDA Developers, but going through that process didn’t work for me. So … Read More

COMP1176 @George Brown College 02/09/14

23/07/2016 |

So I started my first day at George Brown college for computer systems technician (T141) today. Arriving 5 minutes late to class didn’t seem like a big deal, but will be as the week goes on.

CCOMP1176 is an entry … Read More

HP Touchpad running 4.4.4 Kit Kat – 20/09/14

19/09/2014 |

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George Brown WiFi – 16/09/14

16/09/2014 |

The George Brown college WiFi is actually pretty bad. At times the wifi is decent. Strong and fast enough to watch Netflix. But that is only 10% of the time. The rest of the time consists of 1k+ ms in … Read More

Complete Security Camera Set with 3 Wireless and 4 Wired Cameras

15/02/2014 |

Complete security camera set with 3 wireless and 4 wired cameras

Complete surveillance camera system with 16 channel DVR, 4 wired and 3 wireless cameras

Complete security camera set with 3 wireless and 4 wired cameras

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AMD 7850 and Catalyst 13.1 errors – 05/03/13

06/03/2013 |

Ever since I took out my second 7850, league of legends played poorly. FPS dipped to about 50 and made gameplay a little jaggy. I tried installing beta drivers (13.1) an failed to do so as the driver installation is … Read More

New AMD drivers released – 22/01/12

22/01/2013 |

AMD has finally released new drivers primarily designed to optimize the 7000 series of GPUs. They released the catalyst 13.1 on Thursday, January 17 – I didnt realize it and got it on the 20th.

Many driver issues have been … Read More