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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Dell Ultra slim: thoughts – 04/10/12

My 5 year old Acer monitor decided to break and go bad on me. It’s a 19” monitor that only has VGA, a resolution of 1440×900 and 59.7hz refresh rate (weird I know). It was probably 2 weeks ago when one day I turned it on and it started flickering. You could visibly see the refresh on each frame. I thought it’d go away after a couple minutes but it didn’t. I finally convinced my mom to get a new monitor last Wednesday and I got it on Monday, giving me plenty of time to try it out.

I got the dell ultraslim 21.5” monitor and I am glad we made the investment. Color is actually amazing and pixels are sharp: 8 or so presets and one custom preset. It makes my 560Ti lag a bit in battlefield 3 since resolution went to full 1080p; I still get decent frame rates (40-58 fps, 30-40 when recording with fraps). I’m either planning on using hypersli to sli on my non sli supported motherboard or just wait another 4 years till I build a new system.

ANYWAYS. I tried fixing my monitor today but that didn’t go well. I plugged it back into my computer and man, the sharpness of the picture was very dull. Colors looked faded and i was disgusted. Honestly after going to a dell upgrade, I cannot go back to using that old monitor. Maybe it’s because it is a new monitor I just got used to, or it’s actual quality.

My friend suggested the ultra sharp but I was unable to shave 500$ for a monitor that won’t fit on my desk. I’m glad I got this model though, very satisfied.

The features on this is quite neat. Comes with DVI, HDMI, and VGA input. As a bonus, they have you a dvi to HDMI converter (which I might use, if I can use the HDMI cable my dad is using for his Asian history shows). Touch sensitive power button, settings button etc. The bezel though might be defective: there’s light leak under the power button (not a big deal though). One feature I really like is auto dimming. Let’s say windows is booting and screen is black, the monitor actually dims it to save power. Same with loading league of legends, it’s awesome.

As for final thoughts, I like this monitor! It’s great and all and the only thing I need to do us find decent graphic settings for battlefield 3!

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