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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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DIY OTG Cable dongle – 30/08/14

  • On 30/08/2014

An OTG (USB on the go) is a dongle that plugs into an Android device and offers an external USB port.

I used a broken SlimPort dongle for its micro USB plug, and chopped off the end.140830-IMG_20140830_163008690_HDR140830-IMG_20140830_163031732

Stripping the wires was fairly simple and straight forward. Connect the yellow with the ground (messy silver ones) and black wire. This allows the device to be set as the Master. Without this step, the device will remain as a slave.140830-IMG_20140830_165750505

Stripping an end of a USB-A cable, I exposed 4 coloured wires. 140830-IMG_20140830_165813959

Connect respectively.140830-IMG_20140830_170526854

Tape it up (or solder…) and plug it in!140830-IMG_20140830_171816511_HDR

You can see the mouse cursor as I connected my Logitech mouse to it.140830-IMG_20140830_171807635_HDR

ISSUES: The hub takes too much power (the purple light). As a result, the Nexus 7 2013 cannot power up the mouse receiver. However, it will work with the Moto X and G (tested).

Also, the micro USB plug is a little off, which means you have to apply a bit of pressure a certain way to get it to work.

In the end, this dongle was semi functional, and very bulky. It isn’t worth it to purchase the material to produce this dongle. You are better off spending $1 on eBay.

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