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Mincading | June 25, 2017

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FreeNAS Volume security – 02/15/14

  • On 15/02/2014

I set up my NAS to be available locally to all peers connected to the access point. The access point is via a wifi router connected to a gigabit switch. The gigabit switch was used to obtain gigabit throughput between NAS and main PC, reaching 150 mbps read/write speeds.

Security has become a concern as I don’t want everyone accessing personal backups and media, so I had to set up a credential gateway (required from me) in order to access the volume.


>a new user is required with the following conditions: a username, a full name and password.

>creating a new primary group is unnecessary if you already have an existing group.

>home directory can be selected. if non existent, go to next step

>create a new CIFS share: a volume must be existent (volumes>create new ZFS volumes)

>under volumes>view active volumes>change permissions> Owner(user) = nobody, Owner(group) = *your set primary group

>set mode to write and execute for under “group”

>back to the CIFS shares, edit the existing CIFS to”browsable to network clients = checked, and “allow guest access” = unchecked

>under services, >CIFS> Authentication Model = Local User, Guest account = nobody, as well as set your home directory based on your volume.

>control services> turn CIFS OFF, reboot NAS, turn on CIFS service

>on main accessing PC, access my computer>network>FREENAS> and access the volume directory

>enter your credentials as a secondary user, credentials are made from step one>check remember these credentials

>you should be able to access your volume, as well as protect volume.


Android devices are also able to access your volumes given a modified network access set up (file manager>network>create)

Next step: Port forwarding and external file access.


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