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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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Gaming Keyboard – 15/03/13

Gaming Keyboard – 15/03/13

So I recently wanted to replace my Logitech office keyboard with something new. The Logitech keyboard was over 5 years old and through heavy use, the letters on the keys rubbed off, gunky buildup on media keys, and just dirt in between key gaps. The WASD was worn out to the point you could not see the letters anymore and was quite annoying when gaming.

I wanted a decent gaming keyboard that had backlit keys, media keys, and decent aesthetics. I did my research and came up with two contestants: the logitech G110, and the Microsoft x4 sidewinder.

I wanted the G110 for the customizable backlit keys. The scrolling volume control was neat, and the full profile keys are conservative to me.

On the other hand, I wanted the sidewinder for the anti ghosting, easy macro setup, overall looks, and price.

The decision was quite easy: I went with the X4 simply for its performance. The anti ghosting helps greatly when I’m gaming with Fraps on – on my old keyboard, the keys were limited; so when playing BF3, while running diagonally, aiming, shooting at the same time, it disabled my ability to begin recording. In League of legends, ignite would not ignite due to the multiple buttons I am already pressing. Now with anti ghosting, what I press is what I get.

The price for the keyboard is just amazing. Backlit, anti ghosting, palm rest (non removable) and macro for 40$ is just great.

Would I have gone for the G110 instead? Probably not.

1) it doesn’t fit the budget too well
2) it’s nice in terms of aesthetics, but compatibility with the user and end performance might not be as good
3) I want to try something new every time I buy something.

In conclusion I got the X4 and I really like it. It feels really natural in every way. I didn’t even think I replaced my old keyboard: that’s how original it feels. I would definitely recommend this keyboard! Get it while you can during it’s 30% off sale at!

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