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Mincading | June 25, 2017

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Home Server/NAS

Home Server/NAS

So… i decided to build my own “NAS” and file server, where all my windows PC backups will back up to.
i had no more SATA ports available in my main rig, so i had to solve that problem. I got every drive for free as they were either used from old builds, or i got them straight from singapore. The total capacity is around 2.85 TB.
I made my own custom case, taking as little room as possible. It took me about 3 work hours to cut up the old case, bend new sheet metal and spot weld it all together. I added a bit of spray paint to make it look decent.
The APU i got for free – which explains the motherboard: an A85 chipset to accommodate 8 hard drives natively. i got the motherboard from NCIX outlet on eBay, and the shipping was what brought the price up from 50$ +tax.
The motherboard BIOS is GARBAGE. that 3d bios is just plain garbage. mouse stutters in UEFI but cmon. optimize it better please, Gigabyte.
Dont hate on the OCZ powersupply… i bought it a long time ago and it has been running solidly. its better than the DEER one i extracted from the old case.
The RAM was also free, given from a buddy of mine. i know 8gb is overkill, but free is better! so all in all, the price of this “NAS” was 75$ and a couple man hours :P please provide constructive criticism and feedback, thanks!

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