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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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HP touchpad – 06/12/12

My friends mom got an HP touchpad last year but never used it. At all. Brand new in SHIPPING box. So he gave it to me. I was able to see how the tablet works etc, and will post my thoughts on it.

Considering this is a 2 year old device, I can definitely feel lag. Lag everywhere: scrolling, swiping, gaming… The WebOS that it came with is terrible. I can see why they abandoned the project. When I first got the tablet I needed Chinese input for my mom, but on WebOS, I couldn’t find any extensions or mods. So I opted to root it with CM9, loading the more powerful, useful, android OS onto the tablet. Installing it was confusing at first, but I’d you follow online guides word for word, you will get it on the first try.

I installed android 4.0.4, and all I can say is that it is a million times better than WebOS. More customizing capability, and a more familiar UI. I installed a Chinese input mod and it works flawlessly.

The tablet itself is quite capable when paired to the Android OS. You can download files straight to the device, look through the storage as a USB device, and almost replace a laptop. The only issue of installing Android on this tablet is that it disables the camera and mic inputs. It’s not a huge deal but it’d be nice to have those for voice search.

The screen resolution is mediocre. Comparing to the iPad 2, it has the same screen resolution. After using Apple’s retina display, I couldn’t use any device with a lower PPI. The text is so foggy and I couldn’t read it easily. HD wallpapers are not as clear and disappoints my eyes. The screen contrast is decent though, watching movies will be ok on this device. Text is the only down side. Going back to the lag: it’s like using rocket fuel in on a bike. The device can’t make full use of the android OS. Even though the OS is very capable, the device bottlenecks animations through its single core 1.2GHz processor. But since I gave the tablet to my mom, I don’t think she will mind using a slower device since she only uses it for email and web surfing.

After using the Blackberry Playbook, HP Touchpad, and Apples iOS iPod touch (4th generation), I can see why Apple is such a profitable company.

The iOS is so optimized for ALL it’s devices it becomes confident when loading web pages and games etc. The hardware and software just comes into sync so perfectly. Where as RIM and HP decided to create their own software… With little experience, that is why their products failed. Comparing the tablets to an IPOD TOUCH. 4th generation. I’m amazed by the performance of the iPod. After using both tablets for a laggy hour, I ended up using my iPod instead. Better screen resolution, more responsiveness AND faster loading. Either the two tablets are really slow or my iPod is fast considering an A4 single core 1GHz CPU (down clocked to 800MHz).

At the end of the day, the touchpad is a great email an web surfing device, but has no competition towards iOS in terms of gaming and every other aspect. iOS is honestly the strongest mobile OS when paired to devices, only lacking personal use (ie file management).

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