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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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Intel i5 3450 ivy bridge CPU Review – 09/10/12

Second important part is the CPU, or central processing unit. In my gaming rig, it is powered by the 3450 quad core CPU. Running at 3.1GHz, it scores roughly 7000 in

It has a turbo boost of 3.5GHz, 256kb 2 way l2 cache, 6MB of l3 cache and a 64 kbit, 4 way l1 cache. It uses the newest ivy bridge architecture featuring Tri gate architecture on a 22nm process die and Intel HD 2500 graphics core. Retail, it is priced at $189.99 (newegg) and is a great CPU compared to AMD’s FX 8150.

When using this to play battlefield 3, CPU usage is around 60-70 percent, which means most of it is graphic intensive. WEI scores for this CPU is 7.4; when over clocked to over 3900mHz, WEI scores increases to 7.6. To over clock this locked CPU, I increased multiplier to maximum (37) and bumped the base frequency to 105.4mHz. Since default clocks on the base are lower than expected (99.8mHz), I had the 0.2 to compensate. At this point it ran at 3.9gHz.

Since this had the intel HD2500 graphics core, graphics were a lot better than expected. GPU scores for this chip was 5.0 and 6.3 respectively (windows aero and gaming). It managed to play BF3 at 12 FPS and League of legends at 50-60FPS medium settings.

There are many chips by AMD that offer the same performance, but efficiency is sacrificed. For example, A10 APUs and FX processors that meet/exceed the performance have high clocks, resulting in high TDP and heat production. In the A10 and FX product line up, wattages are around 75-100, while this 3450 by intel uses 77watts. Even though the FX-8150 has 8 physical cores, it only has a couple more thousand points compared to this quad core.

In general I believe intel produces more efficient and more powerful CPUs compared to AMD, where try boost clocks ridiculously high in order to compete with intel’s low end chips.

Even though I believe AMD makes good chips for the price, I will always stay with intel for desktops, whereas I am willing to go for AMD for laptops. (see recent post about the trinity A10 APU) When I purchased this CPU, it was 199.99, now with the 3470 out, it runs 100MHz faster and for 199.99, it pushes the 3450’s price down to 189.99. Check out the chips on Newegg or buy them yourself, they are definitely worth it. Coming from a Q6600, performance is definitely boosted by far.

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