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Mincading | June 25, 2017

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iPad pricing – 24/10/12

Ever since new iPads came out, prices on its predecessors dropped a lot,

The new iPad mini is priced at 329$ for 16GB, where as the iPad 4th gen is $499 for its base model wifi only. This means that other iPads are reduced! Refurbished iPads now cost 379$ for the basic 3rd generation that features the retina display.

Pricing is starting to make sense as flagship models are priced well. Compared to other tablet manufacturers, the iPad 3 pricing hits the sweet spot. So does the iPad 4. For 499$ you get the best iPad that gives you retina, thunderbolt and an A6x processor – those are the new things compared to the third generation. Other than those small changes the iPad 4 carries the same guts.

After realizing the price of the iPad mini, I thought for $50 more, you could get the bigger iPad 2. The only sacrifices is Siri, a nicer camera and a small screen. All are good but I don’t like the low resolution screen. On the iPod 4, the resolution is amazing; you cannot define the pixels. On the other hand, the iPad 2 has blurry text thanks to a small resolution. If anything go for the 3rd or 4th generation.

If you purchased an iPad 3 within the last 30 days, apple is offering a program to exchange the iPad 3 for the brand new iPad 4.

Apple keeps pushing out new devices it’s starting to make sense to upgrade maybe every 2-3 generations. New iPods are definitely worth the upgrade as the 4th generation iPods are starting to feel slow. IOS 6 has eaten all it’s ram leaving it to the state of incapable multitask. I tried IOS6, and reverted to IOS 5 a day after.

The iPad mini was designed to compete with the 7” tablet market, but with that price tag, you could get the Asus nexus 7, AND a pair of sexy headphones. Even though it’s 7.9” (0.9” larger) it shouldn’t account for $70. The nicer camera? Sure. But I would still stick with the Asus.

Waiting for income.. Will probably get the 4th iPad or the Microsoft surface…. Or a laptop… There is just too much to buy! D:

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