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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Left for Dead 2: How to play LAN – 06/11/12

To play LAN using cracked or legit L4D2 is pretty simple if you use console. The following criteria is needed:

-Two computers connected to the same network

-the same game files (ie, installed using the game bat/exe file)

-L4D2 with console (to see if you have it, press ‘/~ key under the esc key.)

-Add a shortcut of the game to desktop and right click properties. In the target line, add “-insecure” with a space separating the “

Simply put, open console once the game is loaded at the start screen game is loaded.

Type in “sv_lan 1”, enter

Then “sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0, enter

type in “map”, press space, then use the arrow keys to select the map you want. Press the right arrow key then type in “c5”. The layout should look like:

map nameOfMapHere gameType

to start the server, press enter, this will load the game.


Do the first step of modding the shortcut. Then open start the game. Near the bottom should say “Friend’s group or “server” with the name of the player. By default it is named “default player”. To join, press the name and you’re in!

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