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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Moto X: The Phone REAL PEOPLE should use – 25/04/14

  • On 03/05/2017

Given the dream phone of the Nexus 5, it was an amazing experience. From an enthusiast point of view. Android hobbyists recommend this phone because of its pure Google environment and cost efficiency. It was necessary to get Motorola’s Moto X onto the map.
The Moto X is simply under appreciated. Google stole the spotlight with their line of Nexus devices, but Motorola should honestly be getting more attention. The moto X simply does what a person needs. Its attention to detail and software integration is just beyond what I would expect from a mid range device from a mid tier manufacturer.

The Moto X does things the Nexus 5 cannot. I’m sorry Nexus, but its true. I like the Google environment. Everything stock and pure. A push for a stable platform on which people can experience add ons comfortably. The Nexus 5 does this for Android fans, but the Moto X puts the personality and usability into Android.

But that’s what other phone manufacturers do… Right?

That’s what they’re supposed to do. But they don’t. Seriously Samsung, your bloat ware is simply unacceptable. We should not have just 50% of storage for ourselves and the rest for the loaded software that is only used when clicked accidentally. You’re a great manufacturer, but you’re pushing features we don’t need.

Call me fanboy, but I honestly do think Motorola does it right. Stock Android with stuff PEOPLE actually use. It’s a Nexus. And more.
The Moto X is a persons phone. Active display just cannot be lived without. Driving mode and active listening is trumping any other voice assistant (granted its slower and is based off Google voice). I mean, S Voice just sucks, Siri is impressive… And inaccurate. Google now is by far the strongest voice assistant. Motorola makes it even better. Always listening feels like a real assistant. Unlike other devices where you need to unlock, this is a phone you truly do not need to touch.

The design of the phone is just… Perfect. Not too big, not too small. Coming from the Nexus, I can agree. The Nexus 5 in all honesty was a fantastic phone. Speed and responsiveness packed into a sleek package. But it was just too big. One handed use is unreasonable and difficult. The iPhone is oddly shaped. The size of the Nexus 4 was perfect as well, and Motorola realized this. Curved edges and back made this phone a pleasure to hold. Who knew a dimple would change a brick into a comfortable phone?

There are some sacrifices though, but worthy ones. The display is not as good as its former competition, my Nexus 5. The sharpness of the Nexus 5 was intense and one thing I miss when reading text. Over saturation of colors of the Moto X’s screen proved to annoy me at first, but when displaying low whites high blacks in the darks, it easily relieved the eye strain in bed.

The camera. When is the camera ever really decent for any phone? In my honest opinion, the iPhone is the only phone that gets photography right. Enough said.

When comparing devices, it should not be limited to specs or software features. It should include real world user experience. The usability of a device is challenged by the user, and this phone has proved to be the victor of all phones I have used. Including the Nexus 5.

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