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Mincading | June 25, 2017

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MSI Z77-G43 (SLI) – 03/10/12

  • On 22/08/2016

Alright, here’s the context: bought this motherboard to replace a 4-5 year old desktop that used a nvidia chipset. Got the mother board in July believing I wouldn’t SLI.

This board has 2 PCIe slots; one at 16x (gen3) the other at 4x (gen2). It’s crossfire certified but not sli… I installed HYPERSLI to patch the driver and actually let you sli the card (I have 560 ti). Sadly I don’t have a second card to sli.

As expected, HYPERSLI hides the virtualization instruction from CPU-Z, that’s the only way to confirm HYPERSLI has successfully patched. Only downside is that web I boot, it gives me an option to boot into
A) windows 7
B) windows 7 HYPERSLI

Which affects boot times…
Maybe if I get the chance to sli I’ll delete the windows 7 from the boot manager and just boot to the one with HYPERSLI.

Next up is overclocking.
I don’t know why but sometimes when I turn it on, it won’t boot and will go like “previous overclock settings have failed blah blah blah”. The rest of the time it boots without issue (99% of the time). Ok, heres the story: In CPU Z, it says “blck frequency : 99.8mhz which throws off the actual clock a bit. To compensate, I overclock the base in bios by changing the value from 10000khz to 10190khz to compensate for the .2mhz loss. It works but the next time I boot into bios (UEFI) and I save and exit, it goes back to the failed overclock. It’s fine now but it’s quite troublesome as it goes on and off at times.

Great board though, pretty satisfied for the price I got it for.

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