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Mincading | June 25, 2017

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Mushkin Chronos 60GB SSD – 20/10/12

Continuing the partlist review as i have been lazy lately.

The SSD is used as a boot drive: carrying Windows 7 ultimate, Battlefield 3, league of legends, drivers and printer utilities. Formatted capacity of the drive is 55.6 GB;When all of the programs etc are installed, there is 9GB remaining.

The Chronos is a MLC (multilevel cell), asynchronous SSD. The pros about asynchronous is that performance is just as fast as synchronous when not filled above 20% – relatively speaking. So what this means is that Windows boot times will increase as the drive is being filled. Sequential reads and writes approach 500mb/s, but becomes reduced as it is filled (450MB/s when 54/55GB is occupied).

One mistake I made when choosing parts were choosing an asynchronous drive. It’s not a huge deal but it would’ve been a better investment. Before, windows boot logo had no time to finish, whereas later on, the desktop would show right after the logo comes together. After filling 90% of the drive, the welcome page with a circle appeared for a split second – this indicated slowdowns.

Although windows boot times were not a big issue, performance didn’t really change. Battlefield 3 loaded maps in no time and proves that SSDs are a great investment when it comes to having the most playtime. League of legends loaded fast but it didn’t matter if you were on a HDD, other players wouldn’t have loaded before you – leaving you to load like a slug.

For $70 including tax, this SSD is great for entry level gaming. Although many gamers still use HDD, this would probably bump itself to the mid level range. Putting these SSDs in RAID0 is practically pointless if you are going to spend ~200$ for good performance. You might as well go for the Samsung 830 series or Crucial M4 SSDs as they perform better in the long run. If you really want performance, use an OCZ revodrive. Since SATA configurations are limited by the chipset, PCIe interfaces utilize the massive bandwidth available. Revodrives can deliver on average 800mB/s transfer speeds with the capacity of 1TB+.

Again, for the money, this SSDs is definitely worth every penny. 

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