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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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New AMD drivers released – 22/01/12

AMD has finally released new drivers primarily designed to optimize the 7000 series of GPUs. They released the catalyst 13.1 on Thursday, January 17 – I didnt realize it and got it on the 20th.

Many driver issues have been solved and has resulted in a great performance boost. Crossfire has been optimized for more games and is more effective in terms of just working together.

During the installation I got a system crash. When a system crashes during an AMD driver installation, uninstalling the driver and attempting to reinstall is hideous. When uninstalling, it gives you the message that the uninstall.exe is missing. When trying to reinstall, the install manager says that the latest version has been installed. Instead, all I had to do in this situation was uninstall the install manager via control panel, then reinstall using the downloaded exe.

In terms of performance, I was able to get 8-12 more points in unigine heaven both in crossfire and single card. This is comparing to anandtech where they have a better test bench. In real life performance, gaming in metro 2033 was more consistent. I was exceeding 60 fps almost all the time, just sudden encounters of gas and smoke stutters quickly – not enough to ruin the game. Battlefield 3 seems to run worse in crossfire than in single card mode – scaling isn’t as efficient. Single card is capable of running BF3 at ultra settings at around mid to high 50’s, while in crossfire, the card maxes out at 60 (v-sync) and drops to similar frame rates. I’ll have to run more games to observe consistency.

Overall, the driver has brought more to the table, not a big ton, but enough to optimize many gaming pformances. Hopefully AMD will be able to benefit from this driver update – both economically and reputation wise

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