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Mincading | June 23, 2017

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Nexus 7 v2 – 09/02/13

According to Google, they will be holding their annual I/O event during the months of May/April. Many forums say that Google will be upgrading the nexus 7 in terms of hardware. An HD screen is expected, along with Qualcom’s Snapdragon CPU to power the device.

What I am hoping for is 2GB of RAM. I currently use the HP touchpad and it only carries 800-900mb of ram, not the full 1024 (1GB) it was advertised with. While using the small amount of RAM, Android is sluggish, with animations being very jerky. Even with 200 more MB, I feel as if the current Nexus 7 will not be able to last as long.

As for device replacement, no me in my circle of friends have acquired the Nexus 10. I have never tried that tablet although in the past I have considered getting it. Recently I realized that I use my device a lot at night in bed. Holding the HP touchpad is a pain and typing is ridiculous. I am aiming for the refreshed and upgraded Nexus 7. If the Nexus 4 is also upgraded hardware wise, I will definitely go for that instead, with the nexus 7 next in line.

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