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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Nvidia GT620 – 05/10/12

Looked up online for these graphic cards. For the price they’re offered at just changes its value.

I think it only has 96 cores at a price of 70$? While the 450 has more cores and gddr5 memory (I think) for about 10-20$ more. At the same time I want to see how performance is like. Knowing how a 8800GT 512MB works in games (can play dx9 and 10 games really well, except there’s some fps dips in MW3), a 620 should be the same. Or at least I think. According to some sites, Intel intergrated graphics are better than the 620 in WEI scores.

I don’t think I will be buying a 620 for a budget gaming, but maybe for a HTPC. Paired with pentium should be good enough. As for memory, 1GB DDR3 may seem sluggish for heavy games do it’s definitely incapable of playing dx11 (BF3 of course). It’s not incapable, but it’s virtually impossible.

What’s worse is the 610 and 510. 8-10 CUDA Cores? What’s the point?

For 30$ it’s decent for GPU less CPUs (2380p etc)

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