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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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Nvidia GTX 660 – 14/11/12

Has been a long time since updating this blog with a text post, so here goes!

After finally getting a job (paid 9.60 an hour), my schedule is starting to fill up, but this also means money! Currently, my 560 Ti by gigabyte is able to play any game I play with ease (except Battlefield 3, small slowdowns). In BF3, the lightning produced in campaign causes the framerate to drop to 11.

To fix that, I plan on purchasing another 560 Ti and HYPERSLI it, but I feel like it would be worth it to sell the card I have to a friend of mine and purchase the 660; the midranged Kepler GPU.

I am skeptical about performance: all benchmarks prove to be a faster GPU than the 560 Ti, but according to, the antialiasing is a little slower (660 vs 560 Ti). Either I shell out 80$ more to get the 660ti or stick with the one I have.

Selling the GPU would earn back $250, on newegg it sells for 280 including tax; so selling it to my friend benefits us both. With 250$, I just need 80$ more to get the 660 and essentially get rid of lag and a lower power bill. The only concern I have is the 192 bit rate memory. Compared to the 560 ti, the Ti uses 256 bit, resulting in faster memory performance. BUT. The 660 does have 6GHz memory clocks, where as the 560 has 5GHz. The 660 also takes advantage of PCIe 3.0 where as the 560 DOES NOT.

The 560 Ti is a really good GPU – But only to an extent. Will update on my system soon.

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