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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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PC folding at home – 15/02/14

  • On 15/02/2014

Currently using a decently specced machine, the NAS I have is also decently specced.

My rig consists of

  • Intel i5 3450 @3.1GHz
  • 8GB Corsair vengeance 1600MHz RAM 2x4GB
  • MSI Z77 G43A LGA 1155 Motherboard
  • MSI HD Radeon 7850 Power Edition (2GB)
  • 60GB Mushkin Chronos SSD

My NAS unit features

  • AMD 6800K APU @2.1GHz (underclocked)
  • 8GB Crucial Sport 1333MHz RAM 4X2GB
  • Gigabyte¬†GA-F2A85XM-D3H FM2 Motherboard
  • 550Watt OCZ ZS Series PSU

Exclusively purchasing the FM2 board when I was handed the APU seemed logical, as it was a 75$ investment with a plethora of features. The amount of SATA ports were necessary in order to facilitate 8 hard drives of various capacities. However, after benchmarking the capabilities of the APU, it seemed to be a waste to put it inside a NAS unit…

Dual booting doesnt seem to be an option as FreeNAS is not really friendly with that. It is possible to dual boot, but a tweak to BIOS is required.

I have a secondary board, an older platform: an LGA775 board containing a pentium D processor. Although it would make sense to transfer the hard drives to that board and use the APU based machine in a decent computer case, i have 8 hard drives connected to the current NAS unit in which the A85 chipset supports. The older board only has 4 SATA ports.

Even dual booting has a limitation. Using up all my spare harddrives, I am unable to install Windows onto anything. I have the Corsair Nova II 30GB sata 2 SSD, but it has officially died a year after purchase.

Financial limitations restrains me from purchasing a larger SSD (upgrading my rig’s 60gb ssd to a 120gb, and transferring the 60gb to the NAS for dual boot.

Repurposing the NAS does seem reasonable, but is illogical under such conditions. Although a very capable machine, upgrades are very costly.


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