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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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SSD Storage and usage – 20/03/14

SSD Storage and usage – 20/03/14
  • On 20/03/2014

SSD Storage and Usage – 20/03/14

I have a 60GB Mushkin Chronos SSD in which I use as a boot drive and loading a couple games.
Recently upgrading to windows 8 has caused me to lose ~3-4GB of usable storage after installation. When I had windows 7, I could have both Battlefield 3 and League of Legends. I can now only hold Battlefield 3 OR League of Legends with 12GB free. As a result, I have been playing Battlefield 3 very rarely.

SSD prices have dropped dramatically since its large introduction 3 years ago. I remember purchasing the Corsair Nova II 30GB for about $75. A year later I got the current one (60GB Mushkin) for about the same price. Today, there are 240GB SSDs (such as the Seagate 600 Series)that only cost $120. Within a year the cost for SSDs have dropped $0.50/GB. These prices are very tempting, however, I won’t be able to purchase these SSDs at this moment, nor will I be needing to use it.

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