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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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Tablet – 18/11/12

Debating which tablet to get to replace my iPod. iPod is the 4th gen 8gb, running out of space and life.

Choices are
1. Microsoft surface
2. Nexus 7
3. Nexus 10
4. iPad 4

Reasons to get the Surface:
SD card slot
Windows 8/Microsoft office
Huge screen

Reasons not to:
Low resolution screen compared to others
Bad cameras
Expensive ($620 with touch cover)

Reasons to get Nexus 7:
Beautiful screen

Reasons not to:
No SD card slot to expand
32GB costs $270
No back camera (small issue)

Reasons to get Nexus 10
Huge screen
Crisp display
Crazy resolution
Super cheap for 10” tablet

Reasons not to:
No SD card slot

Reasons to get iPad 4:
User friendly
Chinese input (native)

Reasons not to:
Super expensive
Not as interesting as other tablets

The iPad is eliminated as I have tried the tablet out. It is powerful and all, but it’s not put to its full use. I feel very limited when using an iOS device so an iPad is only useful for older people.

Nexus 10 is my favorite by far; the surface is just too expensive for the bad screen you get. It’s a bit better than iPad 2’s screen resolution but definitely not better than retina display. USB port is a hook, but doesn’t help decide on the tablet. The nexus 10 is still 100$ cheaper (Canadian) and does support bluetooth keyboards. The deciding factor is size. According to reviews, windows 8 takes up 12GB of the 32 GB flash memory in the surface, leaving it to a measly 20GB. Where as the android based tablet, you get what you pay for.

The nexus 10 is an awesome tablet, really leaning towards this device. The 7 can be an alternative when my mom decides to purchase the 10” version; I’ll just get the 7 to replace my current iPod.

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