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Mincading | June 24, 2017

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Tech update – 04/05/13

It’s been a while since I posted text posts, and the usual reason: work.

Anyways, as an update of tech, D has announced new FX processors, a quad core and a hex core variant. The FX-4350 is the updated version of 4300, and the 6350 of the latter. The main differences is in the boost of frequency ~400 MHz and an increased TDP of +30 watts. Many consumers still choose AMD for its faster clock speeds, but don’t understand that architecture is more important, hence intel’s success. There is double the amount of L3 cache with means faster processing, and most importantly, it will remain the same price as its predecessor.

On the graphics side of things, the 8000 series of AMD HD graphics has been announced for quite a while. This generation is simply a rebrand of the current 7000 series, with OEM GPUs being of newer technology.

In the mobile world, an updated nexus 4 has been rumored for 4G connectivity as well as a 32GB variant. No physical attributes have been reported to be different.

Rumors also suggest that a next generation Google tablet (nexus 11) is in production. Featuring an octacore processor (similar to the international version of the samsung galaxy S4), the tablet will now feature a 11” screen, not the 10” super hi definition display. I haven’t seen the Google Nexus 10 in my life yet, I’ve only seen the 7”, and I am quite impressed with it. With the Google I/O event coming up, hopefully they will release a new version of the nexus 7.

Blackberry Q10 has also been released, receiving multiple compliments and statements of success. Being a blackberry user myself, I never thought I would be considering a Blackberry smartphone as my second cell phone.

iOS 7 has been “announced”, with minor issues. This has caused Apple to transfer Mac OSX engineers to help out with the mobile os team, but in the end, the release date is still expected to be the same.

Hopefully I will be able to do these updates more often, and will hopefully post more computer pictures!

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