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Mincading | June 28, 2017

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TP-LINK N600 WDR3500 Review – 05/06/13

TP-LINK N600 WDR3500 Review – 05/06/13

My 6 year old Linksys WRT54G V5 started becoming weak: signal chopping up, video stuttering, and just insecure wireless settings, so I decided to update it to the TP LINK N600 series router.

Of The bat, its sleek. Thin and piano black. Already a benefit compared to the sky blue Linksys box. The 3500 is just so thin and light, but finger prints stick so easily. Dust shows up so easily but they’re simply aesthetics. Performance wise?

Signal strength on the old Linksys was superb. You could happily surf 30 feet outside the house. Inside, signal was great until you hit a room with bathroom tiling. Signal dropped in a room or two. Compared to the blue box, the 3500 reaches every room, but suffers from brick walls. Outside on the porch, signal can not be stable. I can surf the web, but cannot watch YouTube. Upstairs, the signal is rarely full bars. The signal may be low, but the speed is still great.

The 5GHz band is amazingly faster than the 2.4GHz, but as physics comes into play, signal strength for the 5GHzband decreases dramitically as walls obstruct the shorter wave lengths. Comparing speed tests to the 2.4GHz band, 5GHz achieves 20mbps more.

Features are amazing. Dual band! Multiple SSIDs, (up to 4). You get a SSID per band, and additional guest SSIDs per band. Guest SSIDs have bandwidth limits, as well as local network access settings.

Security is really well done by TP link, you an leave the SSIDs with no password, and manually add MAC IDs to allow certain devices to join the network.

Local USB sharing is neat. Plug in a USB storage device like a portable harddrive or USB flash drive and you can easily access it if you are connects on the network (yes it works on android!).

Ill be writing a couple tutorials on how to use these features in the future, but for now, the router is great. The weak signal scared me, however the speed was consistent. I would highly recommend it for an average user who doesn’t network store files heavily (NAS). For the low price of 45$ at NCIX, this is one awesome router.

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